Clinton campaign nabs Ready for Hillary email list
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The Democrat’s 2016 staff acquired a vast email list from Ready for Hillary, an independent political action committee created before her campaign’s April 12 launch, according to Politico.
The super PAC’s data archive is a valuable resource for Clinton’s fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts.
Politico reported the Clinton campaign gained Ready for Hillary’s institutional knowledge by swapping email lists with another independent group.
A Democrat knowledgeable of the transaction would not identify the other organization, Politico added.
The Clinton team reportedly had previously utilized a contact information database generated during her failed 2008 presidential bid.
Its capture of Ready for Hillary’s list provided the Clinton campaign with 4 million new names and their communication details.
Ready for Hillary launched in January 2013 and has since focused its grassroots efforts on drafting Clinton into the 2016 race.
To that end, it generated buzz before her official campaign announcement and stockpiled crucial data on potential supporters.
Politico said Clinton staffers decided they needed the super PAC’s entire list for convenience’s sake.
Some alternatives, it added, included swapping an old list for a new version or renting portions of Ready for Hillary’s information on an as-needed basis.
Another issue, Politico reported, was crossover between Ready for Hillary and the candidate’s official campaign.
The super PAC had repeatedly urged its mailing list to sign up for Clinton’s official version, causing confusion among supporters about where they were documented.
Another problem, Politico said, was the Clinton campaign’s need to quickly record supporters’ information in early-voting states.
Clinton has actively campaigned in such vital 2016 battlegrounds since declaring her bid over two months ago.
She has already visited Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina as part of her appeal to voters next election cycle.
Clinton is widely considered the favorite for the Democratic coronation in 2016.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley are thus far her only challengers.
O’Malley officially launched his campaign on Saturday in an address from Baltimore’s Federal Hill Park.
He said his bid offers “new leadership” that Clinton could not provide were she elected.
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