Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) pushes assimilation by those immigrating to the United States in the first television ad from a super-PAC supporting his 2016 presidential bid.


"I am tired of hyphenated Americans," Jindal said in a recent speech highlighted in the ad from the group, Believe Again. "We're not Indian-Americans or African-Americans or Asian-Americans. We're all Americans."

"I think our immigration system is broken," Jindal said in another clip. "The folks who want to immigrate to America – they should do so legally, they should adopt our values, they should learn English and they should roll up their sleeves and get to work."

The 30-second spot went up Monday in Iowa and is backed by $500,000, according to multiple reports

The video also includes photos of a young Jindal, whose parents immigrated from India to Baton Rouge, La., where he was born.

Jindal, who launched a long-shot Republican presidential bid last week, has spoken often against "hyphenated Americans" and has urged immigrants to assimilate.

Jindal polls around 1 percent nationally and in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, where he has scheduled events in the days following his formal campaign announcement.