President Obama holds leads over Mitt Romney in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, according to a new poll.

Obama has a 7-point lead over Romney in Ohio, and 5-point advantages in both Florida and Virginia, according to the NBC News, Wall Street Journal and Marist Poll.

All three states are basically must-wins for Romney. His path to victory would be severely complicated if Obama wins any of the three states. With victories in two of the states, it would likely be mathematically impossible for Romney to overtake Obama in the race for 270 electoral votes.

The poll shows Obama with 50 percent support in Ohio compared to 43 percent support for Romney. Six percent are undecided.

In Florida, Obama gets the support of 49 percent of those surveyed compared to 44 percent for Romney.

This result is particularly disappointing at this stage of the campaign for Romney. While Obama has consistently held a lead in Ohio, polling in Florida has been tight, and it is believed that Obama will be hurt there more by the state’s rocky economy and housing market.

In Virginia, Obama also gets 49 percent support compared to Romney’s 44 percent.