He also remarked on the controversy sparked when Democrats omitted mention of God from their party's platform at their national convention last week and were asked by President Obama to reinsert the language.

"This is despite what that other party has put in their platform; let us remember we are that one nation under God, and we will stand tall, and stand proud, through all that," he said.

Cantor couched the fight against Obama's healthcare law in terms of faith as well, saying religious freedom is at stake.

"Many of our fellow Americans are now being forced to take our government to court, to sue them, to sue our government in order to practice our faith," he said, arguing that this is why "we must repeal ObamaCare."

Thus far, conservatives have been unable to repeal the law in Congress, and have instead challenged it in court largely on a state-by-state level. Romney has pledged to repeal the law if elected president.