Trump: US needs president with Ivy League 'mindset'
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GOP presidential candidate Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump: I hope voters pay attention to Dem tactics amid Kavanaugh fight South Korea leader: North Korea agrees to take steps toward denuclearization Graham calls handling of Kavanaugh allegations 'a drive-by shooting' MORE said on Wednesday that the nation needs a president with an Ivy League education.


“I went to an Ivy League school,” he said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.” “I was an excellent student at the Wharton School of Finance, which is the best in the world, one of the hardest to get into in the world, maybe the hardest, but maybe one of the hardest to get into, even back then.”

“That’s the kind of thinking our country needs, that mindset,” Trump added. “The fact is, that’s the kind of mindset or thinking we need to beat China on trade. They’re killing us.”

China devalued its national currency for a third day in a row on Thursday, sparking allegations of currency manipulation.

Trump told Hewitt that the incident shows Chinese leadership has a better grasp on global economics than the Obama administration does.

“[It was] the biggest in 20 years, the biggest in two decades, the biggest devaluation,” Trump said of the People’s Bank of China’s action.

“On top of it, they take our money, they take our jobs, they make our product and we owe them $1.4 trillion dollars,” he added. “It’s like a magic act.”

The New York business mogul and current front-runner for the GOP’s presidential nomination would become the latest in a long line of Ivy League presidents should he win the Oval Office in 2016.

President Obama, for example, studied at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Mass.

His predecessor, former President George W. Bush, went to Yale University in New Haven, Conn., as did his father, former President George H.W. Bush.

Former Democratic President Clinton, meanwhile, met his wife, Hillary Clinton, while the pair studied at Yale Law School. Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration’s former secretary of State, is currently the favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination next year.

Former President Reagan is the nation’s last president without any Ivy League education. He attended Eureka College, a liberal arts institution located in Eureka, Ill.