Trump: Saudi Arabia 'should pay us'

GOP presidential candidate Donald TrumpDonald TrumpWarren says Republican party 'eating itself and it is discovering that the meal is poisonous' More than 75 Asian, LGBTQ groups oppose anti-Asian crime bill McConnell says he's 'great admirer' of Liz Cheney but mum on her removal MORE said on Sunday that Saudi Arabia is not properly compensating America for its diplomatic partnership.


Trump called on Riyadh to share its vast wealth with the U.S. in exchange for the alliance between the two nations.

“They make a billion dollars a day,” he told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“Saudi Arabia, if it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t be here,” Trump said. “They wouldn’t exist.”

“They should pay us,” the billionaire businessman added. “Like it or don’t like it, people have backed Saudi Arabia. What I really mind though is we back it at tremendous expense. We get nothing for it.”

Trump argued on Sunday that global economics is shifting the balance of power away from Saudi Arabia.

“The primary reason we are with Saudi Arabia is because we need the oil,” he said. “Now, we don’t need the oil so much.”

“And, if we let our people really go, we wouldn’t need the oil at all,” Trump said of America’s energy economy. “And we could let everybody else fight it out.”

“Look, Saudi Arabia is going to be in big trouble pretty soon,” he added. “And they’re going to need help. I think Saudi Arabia is a major target, a major target.”

Trump additionally touted his experience in international real estate as proof he is qualified for the Oval Office next year.

“I make a tremendous amount of money from selling very wealthy people from other parts of the world and from the United States apartments and other things,” he said.

“They lease tremendous office space from me,” said Trump, citing China, Mexico and Saudi Arabia as examples. “I get along with all of them.”