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Walker offers support for Trump’s immigration plan

Gov. Scott Walker offered support for Donald Trump’s new immigration plan, comparing it favorably to policies that he has backed as Wisconsin governor.

“It’s similar to what I brought up about four or five months ago,” the GOP presidential candidate said Monday on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” when asked about Trump’s plan. 

Walker wouldn’t explicitly endorse the plan when asked by host Steve Doocy if he would give it a “thumbs up,” but compared it to the plan he outlined on a March appearance on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace. 

“I haven’t looked at all the details of his but the things I’ve heard are very similar to the things I mentioned to Chris Wallace on the show earlier this year,” he said.

He noted that his three major goals are to secure the border, enforce existing law and have “no amnesty” for the millions of people in the country illegally.

Trump’s immigration outline released Sunday offered the most detailed look yet at his policy plans for the issue. It received a blessing from Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who has also praised Walker’s immigration policies according to Bloomberg.

In the interview Walker cited, Fox’s Chris Wallace challenged him on a 2013 statement to a Wisconsin newspaper that he thinks some semblance of a pathway to citizenship “makes sense.” He said that he’s changed his views since then and does not support a pathway, which he and many conservatives view as “amnesty.”  





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