"Hillary is a birther," the real estate tycoon exclaimed during an appearance before the Greater Charleston Business Alliance in South Carolina.
"Hillary is the one who started it," Trump said. "Check it out — 2008."
Clinton said earlier Wednesday that Trump was "feeding prejudice and paranoia" by not shutting down questions about President Obama's birthplace.
The former secretary of State said on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" that it was "ludicrous" to suggest she or her aides started birther rumors during the 2008 election, when she ran against Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. 
Trump on Wednesday continued to defend allowing a pair of supporters at a campaign event last week to suggest Obama was not an American and born abroad. 
"The last thing I wanted to do was get into a big argument with someone," Trump said of one of the supporters, suggesting the room was hot and he was soaking in sweat. 
"And then she acted so indignant, like, 'How dare he,'" Trump said of Clinton's response.
"Give me a break," Trump said, adding of her candidacy that Clinton is "coming down like a really, really sick rocket."