Christie: I’d rather jump off a bridge than serve in Congress
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said he would rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge than serve in the House of Representatives, which has been racked with turmoil between GOP leaders and Tea-Party conservatives.


Christie quipped that Republicans should invite him to Congress to help them move their agenda. But when ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked him if he wanted to serve as Speaker, Christie quickly declined.

“I would rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge than be in Congress,” he said.

Christie had been touting his ability keep Republicans unified.

“I've not only gotten things done like pension reform and tenure reform that people said could never get done, but also I've vetoed more than 400 bills. And every one of those vetoes has been sustained. That shows I can keep the Republican Party together,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.”

He trumpeted his record of vetoing more tax increases than any governor in American history and pledged to bring straight-forward leadership to the White House

“What people want in Washington is someone who knows how to do two things at once: stand up and say this is where I am, who I am, to say what I mean and mean what I say. And then also to be able to get people in a room and say, OK, now that we've set that out, let's get something done,” he said.

Christie is polling at 2.6 percent nationwide, putting him in 9th place according to an average of polls compiled by Real Clear Politics.