Trump on refugees: ‘They look like prime-time soldiers’
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GOP front-runner Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpGeraldo Rivera on Trump sowing election result doubts: 'Enough is enough now' Murkowski: Trump should concede White House race Scott Atlas resigns as coronavirus adviser to Trump MORE says the refugees streaming out of the Middle East are mostly young men who could present a threat to U.S. national security if granted asylum.


“I’ve been watching this migration, and I see these people. I mean, they’re mostly men, and they’re strong men,” Trump said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “They look like prime-time soldiers.”

“But where are the women?” he asked. “You see some women, you see some children. But for the most part, I’m looking at these strong men. So you ask two things: number one, why aren’t they fighting for their country? And number two, I don’t want these people coming over here.”

Trump said he would begrudgingly accept 3,000 refugees but argued a number like 10,000 or 200,000 could represent a “Trojan horse.”

“This could be the greatest Trojan Horse,” the business mogul said. “This could make the Trojan horse look like peanuts if these people turned out to be a lot of ISIS.”

The former “Apprentice” host also said he “might have gone in” to Syria after President Bashar Assad began using chemical weapons on his people.

“Well, you know, the time to have done it would have been when he drew the line in the sand,” Trump said, referring to a statement made by President Obama.