Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonMeghan McCain: 'SNL' parodies made me feel like 'laughing stock of the country' Hill: Trump reelection would spur 'one constitutional crisis after another' Trump defends indicted GOP congressman MORE defended her vote for the Iraq War in 2003 as the rest of the debate stage on Tuesday night piled on criticism for her vote.

"I recall very well being on a debate stage about 25 times with then-Sen. Obama debating this issue. After the election, he asked me to become secretary of State," she said during the first Democratic presidential debate.
"He valued my judgment and I spent a lot of time with him in the Situation Room going over some very difficult issues."
"I heard the same evidence from President Bush and Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld about why we should overthrow Saddam Hussein and get involved," he said, noting that his campaign has posted a video of him from 2002 talking about the situation. 
"I say without any joy in my heart that much of what I thought would happen about the destabilization in fact did happen."
Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley noted that he agrees with Sanders that the American people feel "disturbed" about being led into a war under false pretenses. 
"People feel like a lot of our legislators got railroaded in a war fever and by polls," he said. 
Both O'Malley and Sanders bashed Clinton's idea of a no-fly zone, with O'Malley specifically warning it could lead to escalation if there's an accident involving the Russian Air Force, which has now moved into Syrian airspace. 
But Clinton shot back, noting her long ties with O'Malley.
"I'm in the middle here, lots of things coming from all directions," she said. "I was very pleased when Gov. O'Malley endorsed me for president in 2008."