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Walker raised more money than some still in GOP race

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker raised a lot of money for a candidate who would decide he was no longer financially viable enough to continue his run for president. But Walker’s team was spending at an aggressive pace, laying out almost as much as he took in.
The Walker campaign released its fundraising figures for the recent quarter, which ended for the governor when he quit the race in late September.
Walker raised $7.4 million in the most recent reporting period, which is more than other Republican candidates who have stayed in the race, including businesswoman Carly Fiorina, who raised $6.8 million; Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who raised $6 million; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who reportedly raised $4.2 million; and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who raised $2.5 million between July 1 and Sept. 30.
But Walker spent $6.4 million in the recent quarter — a burn rate of 86 percent. Still, his spending rate was lower than that of the Clinton campaign, which spent 89 percent of what it earned last month. 
Walker, who was criticized for having too many staffers on his campaign payroll, had $985,000 cash on hand at the close of the reporting period. 
But with more than $20 million sitting in the pro-Walker super-PACs when Walker dropped out, some of the governor’s largest donors may be wondering whether their candidate had more life in him yet.
Walker dropped out on Sept. 21, as his poll numbers plummeted, particularly in neigbhoring Iowa, where he had been expected to be the front-runner.
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