Christie: Justice is ‘a way of life’
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Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) says in a new campaign ad that his 2016 White House run is dedicated to justice for everyday Americans.

“A Christie presidency won’t be about me, it’ll be about you,” he says.


“Our presidency will be about enforcing the law, leveling the playing field for everybody and once again [rewarding] those folks who think justice is more than just a word but that it means a way of life,” Christie adds.

Christie’s latest commercial spotlights Americans who feel underserved by their government heading into next election cycle.

It features clips of blue-collar citizens expressing frustration with their nation’s leadership.

“Tonight you sit at home in your living room, frustrated that you play by the rules, you pay the taxes [and] you do the hard things to raise your family,” Christie says in the spot.

“Yet you feel like America’s generosity is being taken advantage of, that the system is being gamed and that you’re turning out to fall further and further behind,” he adds.

Christie has repeatedly criticized the other Republican White House hopefuls for their personal battles along the 2016 campaign trail. He has said such infighting is selfish given the concerns of average American families.

The New Jersey governor currently ranks 10 out of 15 possible options for GOP presidential primary voters next election cycle.

Christie receives 2-percent voter support nationwide, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of samplings.