Liberal billionaire George Soros has donated $1 million to Priorities USA, the super-PAC backing President Obama's reelection, two sources with knowledge of the donation confirmed to The Hill.


The donation comes as a shift for Soros, who'd donated to other pro-Democratic super-PACs earlier this year and has long bankrolled a number of liberal grassroots organizations — but had yet to give any money directly toward supporting Obama this cycle.

According to reports, Soros has been less than thrilled with Obama at times, and after Democrats took a drubbing at the polls in 2010, he told other big-time Democratic donors that they "should start looking somewhere else" to donate. He did, however, donate $1 million in May to American Bridge, a Democratic opposition research super-PAC digging up dirt on Republicans including Mitt Romney.

Later Thursday, Soros adviser Michael Vachon also confirmed the donation.

"Soros has always been a supporter of the president, reports to contrary notwithstanding," Vachon said.

Soros has also made a donation of a half-million dollars total to Majority PAC and the House Majority PAC, two groups backing congressional Democrats. The donations were first reported by The New York Times.

The donation should help boost Priorities USA, which has picked up its fundraising pace in recent months after a slow start, but is nonetheless expected to be outspent by a wide margin by Republican groups including American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS.

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