Comedian Aziz Ansari unveiled his impersonation of Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) during Wednesday night's episode of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

“I’m on national TV and you’re Jimmy Fallon, like the famous Jimmy Fallon?” Ansari’s “Jindal” asked upon first appearing.


“I’m used to appearing on C-SPAN right before they start airing those NutriBullet commercials so this is crazy,” he quipped.

Ansari and Fallon then poked fun at the White House hopeful's standing in national polls.

“I was polling at 1 percent, I’m now polling at 2 percent,” Ansari said. "That’s a 100 percent increase.”

“You ever taste 1 percent milk?” he asked. "It’s hardly milk. It’s like drinking white water.”

“But man, when you start dumping that 2 percent milk on your Apple Jacks, it’s like ‘pow,’ ” Ansari added. "You can taste the fat. It’s a game changer.”

Ansari next mocked Jindal’s position on climate change.

“I don’t believe in global warming,” said Ansari. "In fact, I’m the only candidate who doesn’t believe in any science period.”

“Jimmy, there’s a lot of people running for president that buy into these science myths,” he told Fallon.

“Like photosynthesis,” Ansari added. "Some people believe that plants are taking sunlight and turning it into oxygen.”

“To me, that’s ludicrous. How could it do that? It’s a plant.”

Ansari’s imitation of Jindal comes at a time when the Louisiana governor's campaign is showing signs of life in Iowa, the first state in the presidential nominating contest.

Jindal has made religious liberty and fiscal responsibility key parts of his pitch to evangelical, conservative voters in the Hawkeye State. A new public Policy Polling survey released this week put him in the top five of candidates there.

Still, Jindal presently polls below 1 percent in national polls, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average