Fiorina rips rise of 'ideological feminism' in politics
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GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Thursday that feminism has become divisive force between men and women in politics.

“Over the years, feminism has devolved into a left-leaning political ideology where women are pitted against men and used a political weapon to win elections,” she wrote on her Facebook page.


“Being empowered means having a voice,” Fiorina said. "But ideological feminism shuts down conversation — on college campuses and in the media.

“If you are a man — or a woman — who doesn’t believe the litanies of the left, then you are ‘waging a war on women’ or offensive as a candidate, as I have been called,” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO added.

Fiorina then noted that feminism’s original benefits — suffrage, education and professional careers for women — are now lost in liberalism’s corrupting influence. She argued that a new definition of the term is thus necessary for the advancement of all genders in the future.

“Liberal ideas are not the answer. Their version of feminism isn’t working,” Fiorina said.

“We will have arrived when every woman can decide for herself how to best find and use her God-given gifts,” she said.

“I am a conservative because I know we are all equal in the eyes of God — men and women,” the ex-technology executive added.

“Our principles work better to lift men and women up so that they can choose their own path and live lives of dignity, purpose and meaning.”

Fiorina’s remarks come amid her ongoing public feud with the hosts of ABC’s “The View." She attacked the talk show’s female pundits earlier this week after they criticized her appearance during a recent episode.

“My message to the ladies of ‘The View’ is, ‘man up,’ ” Fiorina said on Fox News’s “America’s Election Headquarters” on Monday. "Don’t sink to talking about my face.”

“The View” co-host Michelle Collins mocked Fiorina’s appearance last week during the GOP’s third presidential debate on Oct. 28.

“She looked demented,” Collins said of Fiorina’s smiling during the contest in Boulder, Colo.

Co-host Joy Behar then joked she would enjoy seeing the former businesswoman’s grin turned into a Halloween mask.

Fiorina is appearing on Friday’s episode of “The View” following the incident. It marks her second appearance on the series this year.