Sanders: Carson's 'absurd views' more important than his past
During a news conference in South Carolina on Saturday, the Democratic presidential hopeful took a pass at a question about Carson’s claims of being offered a full scholarship to West Point. 
“You know what’s more important to me about Ben Carson, and I think what’s more important to the American people?” Sanders asked, according to the Washington Post
“Ben Carson, as I understand it, wants to abolish Medicare. How’s that? … So you’ve got millions of old people whose entire health-care existence rests on Medicare. He wants to get rid of it. That’s of some significance to me.”
Sanders added he is more concerned with Carson’s views on climate change and his tax proposal, which he said would give huge tax breaks to wealthy Americans. 
“If I have the opportunity to run against Dr. Carson, those are some of the issues that I will be raising, and I think we will win that election hands down,” Sanders said. 
“Now I know the media is very concerned about what happened in people’s lives 30, 40, 50 years ago,” Sanders said. “But frankly for the American people, what is more important is to understand what his absurd views are on the major issues facing our country.”
Carson is facing heightened scrutiny of his extraordinary life story as he has risen to the top of the GOP primary polls. 
The retired neurosurgeon reacted with fury Friday, accusing the media of conducting a “witch hunt” against him. 
“Here’s my prediction: My prediction is that all of you guys piling on is actually going to help me, because when I go out to these book signings and I see these thousands of people, they say, ‘Don’t let the media get you down,’ ” he said.
“They understand that this is a witch hunt.”