Jeb: 'Hell yeah’ I’d kill baby Hitler
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Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) said in an interview Monday that he would personally kill an infant Adolf Hitler.

“Hell yeah, I would!” he told The Huffington Post when asked about killing the Nazi leader as a baby.


“You gotta step up, man,” the 2016 GOP presidential candidate said. "That would be key.

“The problem with going back in history and doing that, as we know from the series -- what’s the series with Michael J. Fox called? The ‘Back to the Future’ series -- is that it could have a dangerous effect on everything else,” Bush added. "But I’d do it. I mean -- [it is] Hitler.”

Bush revealed his stance while reading voter emails on the 2016 campaign trial, admitting that he is often surprised by the content of messages he receives from everyday Americans.

“I don’t know if it was Reddit or not, but good God,” Bush quipped about the source of his latest batch of emails.

“I’ve got to figure out which ones are not X-rated, that’s the only problem,” he added when asked about sharing some of the communications.

The Huffington Post said Bush was traveling through Moultonborough, N.H. when he revealed his thoughts about Hitler.

He will journey to Milwaukee for the fourth Republican presidential debate Tuesday evening.

Bush released an e-book earlier this month, Reply All, depicting the close relationship he had with Floridians over email during his tenure as governor there.

Its release coincides with the rebranding of Bush’s campaign on Nov. 2 in Tampa. Bush’s new campaign — with the tagline "Jeb Can Fix It" — touts his record of pragmatism and policy overhauls while serving as Florida’s governor.