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Trump: Refugees could be Trojan horse

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Donald Trump says that under his presidency no “animals” will be reaching America to sow terror like they did Friday night in Paris.

Addressing a packed convention center in Knoxville, Tenn., Monday evening, the New York real estate developer also laid out his Syria policy.

{mosads}He said that instead of accepting Syrian refugees, the U.S. should purchase a “big swath of land” in Syria, which “believe me you get for the right price.” 

After buying the Syrian land the U.S. should then convert it into a safe haven for refugees fleeing ISIS, Trump said.

“So what I like is… build a big beautiful safe zone [in Syria],” the GOP frontrunner said, adding that he believed that even though Syria was not the most welcoming place, people who lived there would want to return to where they came from.

The basis for Trump’s theory is that migrants he employs tend to want to return to their home country when they finish working for him, he said.

Trump repeated his attacks on President Obama for allowing “illegals” to pour across the southern border and into the U.S. 

He suggested Friday’s Paris attacks that left 129 dead and hundreds more wounded were the inevitable result of similar relaxed immigration policies.

“You probably heard that at least one and probably more, of the killers, the animals that did what they did in Paris, came out of the migration right?” Trump said. 

“So we have a president that wants to take hundreds of thousands… of people and move them into our country.”

“And we don’t even know who they are,” he said. “There’s no paperwork.”

Trump said he was disturbed that so many of the Syrian refugees were “strong looking guys” and he wondered whether the migrant wave wasn’t a “Trojan horse,” presumably for ISIS. 

Said Trump of Obama’s attitude toward would-be jihadists: “Nobody wants to take away their rights. Can you believe this? It’s unbelievable.”

“So they go and fight for ISIS, they come back into our country and we accept them back. 

“And at some point they won’t be going away they’ll be shooting us here.”

Trump got his biggest cheers — and the crowd began chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump! — when he said of ISIS: “I’m going to bomb the s— out of them.”

At another point during his hourlong stemwinder, Trump pointed his fingers like a gun and began mock shooting.

“You know the movies. Shoot first, talk later. Right? Right? Right? You shoot first, you talk about it later.”

Trump said Obama does too much talking and continually tips off “the enemy” before he shoots.

The Tennessee crowd went wild.

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