Huckabee: Obama ‘probably’ wants us memorizing the Koran

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Monday again laid into President Obama's anti-terrorism strategy, saying he'd rather make Americans "memorize Koran verses" than confront radical Islamic extremism.

In last week's hotel attack in Mali, "terrorists spared the lives of hostages who proved their Islamic bona fides by reciting the Koran, while 27 innocent civilians were killed,” Huckabee said in a Fox News op-ed.


“After this attack in West Africa, Obama’s new domestic terrorism plan probably requires Americans to memorize Koran verses,” the 2016 GOP presidential candidate quipped.

Huckabee argued that Obama is ignoring the threat of jihadist extremism by focusing too much on his domestic critics instead.

“Why does the Obama administration express more outrage at conservatives than at radical Islamic terrorists?” he asked. “President Obama seems more interested in protecting the reputation of Islam than protecting the American people."

“Bomb-throwing Baptists, Anglican arsonists or radicalized Roman Catholics don’t commit these atrocities — radical Islamic jihadists do,” the former Arkansas governor added.

“Benghazi, Boston, Ft. Hood, Paris, 9/11, Kenya, Tanzania, the USS Cole — the list of radical Islamic carnage keeps growing.”

Huckabee than criticized Obama for pushing ahead with his plan for resettling Syrian refugees in the U.S. next year despite fears that measure is risky.

“Sadly, the Obama administration is moving full-steam ahead with its idealistic and outright dangerous Syrian refugee relocation plan, which will resettle more than 10,000 unchecked, unscreened foreigners across American towns,” he wrote.

“The FBI director has explicitly stated that we cannot conduct background checks on these people, yet nothing will stop Obama’s obsession with pandering to the international community, even if it poses a direct threat to Americans,” Huckabee said. "In the face of this chaos, America needs real strength, moral clarity and common sense.

The House overwhelmingly voted last week in favor of legislation pausing Obama’s refugee resettlement program until stricter security measures are in place. Senate Democrats are now vowing they will filibuster the measure once it reaches their chamber.

At issue is whether terrorists can reach the U.S. posing as refugees. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has repeatedly threatened that it would try that tactic for future attacks.