Jeb: Working with Dems isn't 'a sign of weakness'
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GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush is touting his ability to work across the aisle, telling Republicans he can cooperate with Democrats without sacrificing his principles.

“It’s not a sign of weakness to actually get things done,” Bush told host Steve Cochran on WGN 720 in Chicago on Monday.


“This has got to be the first priority of the next president,” he continued. “If you start with the premise that people who disagree with you aren’t bad people, you forge consensus."

Bush said bipartisan bickering is paralyzing Congress.

“We’ve now reached this gridlock that is quite dangerous for our democracy,” he said.

“There’s no trust at all between our two parties in Washington,” Bush added. "Even when they agree, they can’t figure out a way to agree.”

Bush said his tenure as Florida governor made him ready to cut deals as president.

“Governors know how to do this, by and large,” he said. "That’s just what governors do.

“There’s a requirement to balance the budget, for example,” Bush continued. “Others may be able to do this, but I believe I have the skill sets to make it happen. ... I love giving people some sense that things can get better."

Bush also praised his brother, former President George W. Bush, for helping to guide his 2016 bid.

“I’ll take all the advice I can get from him,” he said of his sibling. "He’s the last Republican to have won, and he won twice.

“He knows a lot more about how to do this than anyone else that’s running right now,” Bush added. "I do seek out his advice, and he gives good advice.”