Donald TrumpDonald TrumpMore than two-thirds of Americans approve of Biden's coronavirus response: poll Sarah Huckabee Sanders to run for governor Mexico's president tests positive for COVID-19 MORE’s aides are promoting a video they say proves the GOP presidential candidate was right when he said Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“@RealDonaldTrump’s claims of celebrations on rooftops and 9/11 was 100 percent correct,” tweeted Daniel Scavino, Jr., a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, on Tuesday evening.


“Nobody can deny @RealDonaldTrump uncovered a 14 year long 9/11 cover-up re: celebrations on Jersey City rooftops,” he wrote alongside video of a reporter discussing such incidents in 2001.

CBS reported Wednesday that the clip shows correspondent Pablo Guzmán reporting for its affiliate WCBS in New York after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Guzmán reports in the segment that suspects in Jersey City allegedly had foreknowledge of the massacre.

“[They had] a model of the [World] Trade Center on the roof along with sets of binoculars,” he says in the Sept. 16, 2001 video.

“[It is] the kind of model used by an architect or an engineer for a presentation, an investigator told me,” Guzmán continues. "They knew, he said, the planes were going to hit, and they wanted a ringside seat.”

The full footage of Guzmán’s broadcast contains additional details of alleged celebrations after terrorists struck on 9/11.

“Now most of you know that yesterday the FBI raided an apartment in Jersey City where 10 men lived before getting pulled off a train in Texas,” he said. "They are now being held in New York in connection with Tuesday’s attacks.

“However, what no one outside the terrorist task force noticed, is that just a couple of blocks away from that Jersey City apartment the FBI raided yesterday and had evidence removed, is another apartment building, one that an investigator told is 'swarming' with suspects,” Guzmán continued.

“[They are] suspects who I’m told were ‘cheering’ on the roof when they saw planes slammed into the Trade Center,” he added. 

“Police were called to the building by other neighbors and found eight men celebrating, including six who were tenants in the building.”

Guzmán then reported that investigators noted links the building had with a similar probe during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Trump sparked fierce scrutiny late last month by claiming he recalled thousands of Muslim Americans cheering the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The media has disputed that claim as either inaccurate or exaggerated, saying there is no evidence such celebrations took place.

Katrina Pierson, a Trump campaign spokeswoman, said late Tuesday that critics are playing semantics with the billionaire’s recollection.

“You guys changed it to make it quantity instead of quality,” she said, referencing the specific number of celebrants.

“The media coverage, like I just pointed out, has been not really that fair,” Pierson told CNN anchor Carol Costello. "Mr. Trump was just saying what he saw.

“All of sudden the media is focused on the number of people who were there,” she added. "No one took a head count.

“All I’m saying is, don’t say it didn’t happen and then accuse Mr. Trump of lying about something that did happen and then not go back and correct the record on what actually happened."