Sanders on Trump: ‘That kind of crap is not going to work’ in US
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“That kind of crap is not going to work in the United States of America,” Sanders said on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” according to BuzzFeed News.
“Throughout history we’ve had the demagogues trying to divert attention away from the real issues,” Sanders added. 
“What somebody like Trump is trying to do is to divide us up. A few months ago we’re supposed to hate Mexicans, he thinks they’re all criminals and rapists. Now we’re supposed to hate Muslims.”
Trump faced bipartisan condemnation Tuesday, one day after he proposed banning Muslims from entering the country.
“I think what the American people understand is given the problems that we face, we’ve got to stand together and come together and stop this scapegoating of one group or another,” Sanders said.
The self-proclaimed democratic socialist added that he would relish a chance to face Trump in the general election.
“I look forward to beating Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “I would enjoy that race very much.”