Sen. Bernie SandersBernie SandersDrugmaker caps insulin costs at to help diabetes patients during pandemic The Hill's Campaign Report: Wisconsin votes despite coronavirus pandemic Sen. Brown endorses Biden for president MORE (I-Vt.) says 2016 Republican presidential front-runner Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpCDC updates website to remove dosage guidance on drug touted by Trump Trump says he'd like economy to reopen 'with a big bang' but acknowledges it may be limited Graham backs Trump, vows no money for WHO in next funding bill MORE intentionally makes “bombastic” and “silly” comments in order to draw media attention to his presidential campaign.


“I think it has to do with the fact that Trump is very smart,” Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, said in a CNN interview aired on Thursday. “He knows that media is not so interested in the serious issues facing this country. They love bombastic remarks. They love silly remarks.”

“I think this is more of an indictment of the media than it is Trump,” he added.

Sanders said news outlets have been negligent in blanketing the airwaves with coverage of the real estate mogul, pointing to data that show one program has spent 81 minutes of airtime on Trump compared to 20 seconds on Sanders.

“I’ll give you one example,” he said. “A recent study showed on ABC evening news, Trump over a period of time got 81 minutes of time. Bernie Sanders got 20 seconds. Now you tell me why.”

“I know CNN may be different here,” he added. “But you explain to me how a major network on the evening news has 80 minutes of Trump and 20 seconds of Bernie Sanders. Does that make sense to anyone?”

The Vermont senator also said Trump is “playing to the fears and anxieties” of Americans in the wake of terrorist attacks.

“And Trump comes along and he says, ‘I’ve got the solution. And what the solution is Mexicans are coming to this country. Let’s throw them all out. That will solve all our problems. It’s Muslims. They’re all terrorists. We have to hate them,’ ” he said.

“Well, that is not the solution to our problems. That is simply scapegoating minorities, playing one group off against one another. It’s what demagogues have always done.”