Carson: Staff shake-up coming next week
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Ben Carson on Tuesday said he'll shake up his campaign next week.

"We are going to certainly be altering some things in the campaign, and we will be talking about that quite publicly next week," the GOP presidential candidate said during an interview on Fox Business Network's "Cavuto Coast to Coast," less than a week after he waffled on whether one was coming.  
Host Neil Cavuto had asked Carson whether a "staff shake-up" was still in the works despite conflicting reports over the past week about his plans.
Carson initially told reporters from The Washington Post and The Associated Press that "every single thing is on the table." Both outlets noted that the interview came without knowledge of his campaign manager, Barry Bennett, leading to speculation that the shake-up could include his top advisers. 
But Carson told The Hill later that although there will be personnel changes, his senior staffers won't be fired. Carson's campaign staff and his personal adviser, Armstrong Williams, have often been at odds over the direction of the campaign. 
The former neurosurgeon has slipped in recent polls amid concerns over his grasp on foreign policy. While he's still a prolific fundraiser, the campaign admitted to The Hill that it spent more than it took in for the fourth quarter, cutting its cash on hand in half over that three-month period.