Two protestors briefly took over the stage at Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzDemocrats slide in battle for Senate O'Rourke's rise raises hopes for Texas Dems down ballot Election Countdown: Small-donor donations explode | Russian woman charged with midterm interference | Takeaways from North Dakota Senate debate | O'Rourke gives 'definitive no' to 2020 run | Dems hope Latino voters turn Arizona blue MORE’s Second Amendment rally in New Hampshire, interrupting the presidential hopeful before he lambasted liberals for gun control policies that he claims have cost American lives.  

Each man, at different times, briefly walked onto the stage and addressed the crowd, with one asking “what made everyone so weird and sad that they had to come out” to the gun rights rally.

Each was escorted offstage.

“It’s almost like did he not get the memo, “Live Free or Die. Am I right?" Cruz said with a smile about  the state's motto during the rally outside a gun range. 


"It’s not 'live coddled by a bunch of nanny-state liberals who want to control every aspect of your life or die,'” he added. 

“It’s almost like the Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersSanders: Trump setting 'terrible example' for our children Gabbard considering 2020 run: report Sanders, Harris set to criss-cross Iowa MORE's guys are scared. The Bern-istas are out in force.” 

Cruz trashed the media for talking to the protestors, who were escorted off the stage, accusing reporters of showing their true, liberal colors. 

“The little protestor, notice our friends in the media. Our friends in the media gather around the lefties that want to strip our rights, apparently because those are their values,” Cruz said. 

“Look, it is not news that there are liberals who want to take away our guns. It is, in fact, the case that reporters agree with them.” 

The Texas senator’s Second Amendment rally comes hours before President Obama’s State of the Union address, a speech Cruz is missing to campaign and one where gun control will likely be a main topic.

Obama’s recent emphasis on gun control and executive orders on background checks have sparked a battle in the Democratic presidential primary over whether Bernie Sanders is tough enough on guns, and has also drawn significant criticism from conservatives. 

Cruz argued that Obama won’t draw a contrast in how an armed guard saved lives at a Texas “Draw Mohammad” contest last year, while 14 people died in a recent shooting in California. 

“In Garland, Texas, two radical, Islamic terrorists carrying ARs came there seeking to commit murder and mayhem. The difference was they encountered a Garland police officer with a firearm who shot them both dead,” he said, referencing the AR-15 rifle.  

“Now, you move to California, two more radical, Islamic terrorists with ARs, but the difference was they didn’t encounter anyone with a firearm. They encountered a citizenry that their helpful, neighborly Democratic politicians have disarmed.” 

Cruz also chided the Obama administration’s decision to allow vetted Syrian refugees asylum in America, noting that two Iraqi refugees had been arrested in the past week. 

“Both had gone through the supposed vetting that President Obama says he’ll provide to the Syrian refugees,” Cruz said. 

“President Obama tonight has invited a Syrian refugee. I hope he vetted him.”