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Cruz responds to Obama over ‘carpet bombing’ knock

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is firing back at President Obama for calling out the Republican presidential candidate’s idea for “carpet bombing” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“I will apologize to nobody for my commitment to kill the terrorists,” Cruz told NBC News’s Lester Holt from the campaign trail in New Hampshire late Tuesday evening.

{mosads}Cruz echoed that response during an appearance on Fox News’s “The Kelly File,” ripping Obama’s State of the Union speech as being more like “a state of denial.”

Obama blasted Cruz’s idea for “carpet bombing” ISIS strongholds during his final State of the Union on Tuesday night.

“The world will look to us to help solve these problems, and our answer needs to be more than tough talk or calls to carpet bomb civilians,” Obama said during the televised speech.

“That may work as a TV sound bite, but it doesn’t pass muster on the world stage,” Obama added.

Cruz also knocked Obama for not mentioning during his speech that hours beforehand Iran had taken custody of two Navy ships, holding 10 American sailors as the president addressed the nation.

“It is not a foreign policy victory if Iran releases hostages after taking them. Iran shouldn’t be taking American hostages,” Cruz told NBC.

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