Trump rebuts Cruz: 'I was so proud of New York'
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Trump said during an interview with radio host Howie Carr that he thought one of the values embodied in New York is "energy."
"You know, when the World Trade Center got hit, we rebuilt that World Trade Center and we got through," Trump said.
"Very few places in this world could have gotten through what we went through," he continued. "I was so proud of New York."
Cruz, the GOP senator from Texas who is fighting with Trump for a victory in the Iowa caucuses, appeared on the the same program the previous day to attack New York values. 
He suggested Trump's values weren't in line with most Republicans, saying "the rest of the country knows exactly what New York values are."
Trump brushed off the attacks Wednesday, retorting that Cruz should be "very nervous" about constitutional law professors bringing a lawsuit against him over his Canadian birth.
Trump also continued to push back on the GOP response to President Obama's State of the Union, including the line from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley slamming the "angriest voices" in U.S. politics.
"People are angry and why shouldn't they be?" Trump asked during the radio interview, citing insecurity over the Syrian refugee situation and premiums under ObamaCare.