Palin stumps for Trump: 'No more pussyfooting around'
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"No more pussyfooting around," the 2008 vice presidential nominee said in Ames, Iowa, standing beside Trump. "Our troops deserve the best, you deserve the best.
“The country needs someone who will never leave the country behind, one who will never lie to the families of the fallen,” she added.
Palin criticized the Obama administration for how it dealt with the seizure of 10 American sailors in Iran earlier this month. 
Secretary of State John Kerry thanked leaders in Iran for what he called a "quick and appropriate response" to return the sailors back to the United States. 
"We bend over and say 'thank you, enemy,’ ” Palin said Tuesday in a jab at the Obama administration.
The former Alaska governor added that Trump has a track record of success and has proven that he is "the master of the art of the deal."
"Are you ready ... to go kick ISIS's ass?" she yelled, to thundering applause.