Bush: Clinton ‘lied’ to Benghazi families
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“This is the third anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s testimony when she said it doesn’t make a difference on Benghazi. Third anniversary,” Bush said at the First in the Nation Presidential Town Hall in Nashua, N.H.
“When she had to testify under oath, she said that the reason why we have this threat, why Benghazi occurred, it because of terrorism, even though she told the families something completely different, that she was going to go after the director of the video,” he added. 
“She lied to the families, and told the truth to her daughter and to the president of Egypt,” he continued, referring to emails Clinton sent in the immediate aftermath of the attack. “Shameful. Shameful.”
Bush said the former secretary of State’s foreign policy blunders should disqualify her from serving as commander in chief.
“Benghazi; Iran; calling [Syrian President Bashar al] Assad a reformer – he’s killed 250,000 innocent people; the Russian reset – that hasn’t worked out very well,” he said. 
“All of this is a sign of a secretary of State and a foreign policy that is reactive, rather than believing that the United States’ leadership in the world really matters,” he added.
“I don’t believe Hillary Clinton really understands that, and I do.”