"I've been asked some hard questions. I like hard questions, it doesn't bother me at all," Carson said on "Fox and Friends" when asked he felt he or Trump had been treated unfairly by the network.
The former neurosurgeon suggested the debate allowed candidates to expose any unfairness, saying, "If you get into the presidency, I guarantee you that there's going to be unfairness, so this is just practice for that."
Trump's insistence on skipping the Thursday night debate broadcast by Fox News comes days before ballots are cast in Iowa, where he and Ted Cruz are neck and neck in polls.
While Trump has bashed Fox, claiming the network has treated him unfairly, his decision to skip the debate has opened himself up to criticism from rivals that he can't handle tough questioning. 

Cruz, who has challenged Trump to a one-on-one debate, said late Tuesday on Fox News that he didn't think the real estate tycoon was skipping the debate because Kelly was helping moderate. 

“I think it’s because he’s afraid to defend his record, that he knows he can’t defend his record and he’s trying to hide from the voters of Iowa,” the Texas senator said on "Hannity."