Sanders: Clinton wrong, I can beat GOP
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Speaking to supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday night, Sanders insisted that the enthusiasm around his campaign shows he can win in November.
“It is not true to suggest that she will be the stronger candidate in November,” he said.
“I think the campaign right now that has the energy and that is bringing in working people, young people and low-income people is our campaign,” Sanders continued.
“We are going to win the general election and we are going to win it big. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln during the Gettysburg Address, this is a campaign ‘of the people, by the people and for the people.' It doesn’t look like a fringe campaign tonight.”
Sanders urged voters to change their expectations for politicians.
“The real choice is whether we continue with status quo, establishment politics and establishment economics,” he said.
The Vermont senator characterized Clinton as in the pockets of wealthy special interests.
“My opponent can brag about raising tens of millions of dollars for her super-PAC,” he said. "Our average contribution is $27 and we’re very proud of that.

“This campaign does not represent the billionaire class. We don’t want their money. We had this radical idea that we would reach out to working class families all over this country.”