Sanders shares stage with rock stars on Iowa campus
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The Democratic presidential candidate revved up his enthusiastic fanbase, speaking for nearly 30 minutes before closing the night singing “This Land is Your Land” alongside indie rock band Vampire Weekend.
“What the pundits all say is that young people come to a lot of rallies but they don’t participate when the caucuses come,” he told supporters on the University of Iowa’s campus. 
"How would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night?”
Sanders said he can win in Iowa, but only if there’s a large turnout.
“Let me just say this with as much conviction as I can,” he added. "Democracy is not a spectator sport. … On Monday night, we are poised to make American history. Help us do that and join the political revolution.”
Sanders urged younger listeners not to abandon their civic duty.
“The truth is that in so many respects, this election is much more important to your generation than it is to mine,” he said. "God willing, you are all going to live for a very long time.
“Some of your friends may say, ‘I don’t like politics, I don’t want to get involved.' I think that’s dumb. All they are saying is, ‘Let someone else make important decisions for my life.’ ”
Foster the People and Vampire Weekend warmed up Sanders’ supporters before he spoke. The promise of music and politics drew a crowd of nearly 4,000, with about 500 more reportedly turned away.