Sanders: 'We cannot be the policemen of the world'
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BEDFORD, N.H. – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) highlighted his vote against the Iraq War during Thursday's Democratic debate as a centerpiece of his foreign policy views.

Sanders downplayed the difference between him and presidential rival Hillary Clinton, who voted to authorize the war, saying there was a larger lesson.

“While the secretary and I voted different on Iraq, what is important is we learned the lesson of the war on Iraq,” Sanders said.


“And the lesson, which is intrinsic to my foreign policy is, the U.S. cannot do it alone. We cannot be the policemen of the world.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd questioned Sanders on his foreign policy, charging the Vermont senator with not laying out a foreign policy strategy or naming his foreign policy advisers.

Sanders shot back that his foreign policy was spelled out during a speech at Georgetown University. He summed up his doctrine as: “No, we cannot continue to do it alone.”

“We have got to work in a strong coalition with major powers of the world and with those Muslim countries that are prepared to stand up and take on terrorism.”