Republican presidential candidate John Kasich enjoyed New Hampshire’s winter weather Friday by launching a snowball fight against the press.

Kasich exchanged snowballs with reporters covering his campaign, according to CNN.  


It posted clips of Kasich exchanging projectiles with assembled media members that afternoon. Footage also showed him rolling in snow and dusting his campaign supporters with frosty powder.

The Columbus Dispatch reported Friday that the impromptu battle took place after a town hall in Hillis, N.H.

Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges also joined in, it said, while New Hampshire state Rep. Harold Parker (R) helped stuff snow down Franklin County GOP Chairman Doug Preisse’s shirt.

Kasich’s stop in New Hampshire comes just days before its primary next Tuesday. He has repeatedly remarked that his campaign is “smoked” without a strong performance there.

The Ohio governor is in fourth place in polls, just 0.6 percentage points behind Ted Cruz, 4 points behind Marco Rubio and trailing front-runner Donald Trump by 20.2 percent, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls.