Donald Trump knocked President Obama as “totally incompetent” in Saturday night’s GOP presidential debate

“Marco [Rubio] said earlier on that President Obama knows exactly what he is doing, like we have this president who really knows. I disagree respectfully with Marco,” Trump said during the ABC News debate.


“I think we have a president who as a president is totally incompetent. He has no idea what he is doing, and the country is going to hell.”

Trump's comments were in response to Rubio saying earlier that the president is taking actions to radically transform America and reduce its influence.

“Barack Obama views America as this arrogant global power that needed to be cut down to size,” he said.

“This is a president who views this country as a country that has been too powerful in the world and we create problems in the world. It’s one of the reasons why he has betrayed Israel — because he believes that if we create separation from Israel, it will help our relations in the Islamic world.”

The comments came when the candidates were asked how the administration should respond to news of a North Korean missile test, which broke just minutes before the debate began.

Rubio accused Obama of making “accommodations to North Korea” by taking the country off the list of terrorist nations.

Trump also questioned why America isn’t putting more pressure on China, which he says has “total, absolute control” over North Korea.