Kasich hits back against 'Obama Republican' characterization
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Republican presidential candidate John Kasich on Sunday defended himself against accusations that he is an "Obama Republican."


An American Future Fund ad says Kasich supports Common Core, Obama's Medicaid expansion and tax increases. 

Kasich defended his record on "Fox News Sunday," saying he's cut taxes by $5 billion as governor.

"There's nobody who's balanced as many budgets as I have," he said.

He also defended his record on education.

"I have been clear from the very beginning that I support high standards and local control," he said. "That's exactly what we do in Ohio. Our state school board approves the standards and the local school boards are the ones that create the curriculum."

"I am for total local control," he said.

On the issue of ObamaCare, Kasich said he pushed for expansion of Medicaid but did not support ObamaCare.

"Ronald Reagan expanded Medicaid five times," he said. "I can expand Medicaid without having to have Obamacare."