Cruz and Trump sparred intensely more than halfway through the debate in South Carolina, with the Texas senator going after the businessman's past positions on partial-birth abortion and gun control.
"If Donald Trump is president, he will appoint liberals," Cruz stated, trying to speak over the businessman, who repeatedly attempted to interrupt as the crowd grew louder in the debate hall. 
Cruz added that under Trump, "your Second Amendment will go away."
Trump shot back that Cruz "wanted John Roberts on the Supreme Court," noting that the chief justice twice voted in favor of upholding President Obama's namesake healthcare law, which is unpopular on the right. 
"I did not nominate John Roberts, I would not nominate John Roberts," Cruz retorted before suggesting that Trump was acting childish by interrupting him.
The Supreme Court was thrust into the center of the presidential debate on Saturday after Justice Antonin Scalia died in Texas at the age of 79.