"A message to the haters is that this is America," the soft-spoken retired neurosurgeon said in a video released Wednesday by the Independent Journal. 
"Sometimes you're going to face opposition, and sometimes you're going to find people with whom you disagree," Carson continued. "But what good does it do to hate that person? To try to destroy that person?
"We as Americans can and must do better than that," he said.
Carson has insisted he will continue his campaign despite a poor showing on Super Tuesday and low support in polls. 
He recently called for a meeting with his GOP presidential rivals to address the "civility" in the race ahead of a debate Thursday night in Detroit.
CNN reported late Tuesday night that GOP operatives would attempt to push Carson out of the GOP race and urge him to run instead for Florida's open Senate seat.

Carson acknowledged earlier this week on MSNBC that he's been asked by Republican Party officials to drop out.