Obama will sign presidential transition bill

President Obama will sign legislation aimed at ensuring a smooth transition between his administration and the next, the White House said Wednesday. 

“I do anticipate he will sign the bill,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters. 

The legislation requires the administration to set up two interagency councils by May to ensure the government continues to function during the transition. 


The councils are expected to manage the exodus of hundreds of political appointees who typically leave government at the end of a president’s term. 

The bill also calls on the federal government to name a transition coordinator to work with the candidates to ensure Obama’s successor can set up his or her administration.

Earnest said “the incoming president can certainly count on the full cooperation of this administration” to make sure the next one gets off and running.

The legislation, which is considered noncontroversial, passed the Senate on Tuesday by voice vote. That chamber passed a previous version last year, but the House approved an amended version last month, forcing it back to the Senate for another vote.