Trump: 27 percent of Muslims very militant
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On "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace said there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and, according to the best experts, at most, 100,000 people are fighting for Jihadist causes. 
"So why draw a battle line against an entire religion, including major countries that are helping us in the fight against ISIS?" he asked.
Trump said whoever did that survey was "about as wrong as you can get."
He said about 27 percent of Muslims have said they would go to war.
"Twenty-seven percent are really very militant about going after things," he said, citing a poll.
"It's a very significant number; it's not 100,000 people, I can tell you that. That's a ridiculous number," he said. 
"There is a big problem, and radical Islamic terrorism is taking place all over the world."