Priebus predicts GOP field will support nominee
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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Tuesday predicted that no GOP White House hopeful would break their promise about backing the party’s presidential nominee.

“I think that all of these candidates is true to their word and will support the eventual nominee of the party,” he told hosts Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.”


“We have candidates who believe that they’re on the pathway to grabbing all the delegates for the nomination. Whether it’s posturing or whatever, I expect that they’ll eventually support the nominee. We’ve always been able to come together before.”

Priebus also suggested that several GOP presidential primary voting contests on Tuesday would help illuminate whether a brokered convention is necessary in July.

“It’s hard to predict the future, obviously,” he said of the event in Cleveland this summer. "It’s possible. Tonight could be a pretty good indicator of that.”

Priebus additionally dismissed critics who charge that the brokered convention would create a schism in the Republican Party.

“I think it would be enormously interesting,” he said of a brokered convention. "I think the reviews would be off the charts. In spite of drama and intrigue, we’re in great shape.”

Voters in five states and one U.S. territory are casting ballots on Tuesday and weighing in on the eventual Republican presidential nominee.

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