Trump slams ‘crazy’ Megyn Kelly for hosting ‘lying’ Cruz
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“Crazy @megynkelly supposedly had lying Ted Cruz on her show last night,” he tweeted. "Ted is desperate and his lying is getting worse. Ted can’t win!”
Trump also called Kelly's show a "total hit piece on me."
Trump bragged about Fox News canceling the next Republican presidential debate, arguing that Cruz was not enough of a challenge for him.
“Great news that @FoxNews cancelled the additional debate,” he tweeted.
“How many times can the same people ask the same question? I beat Cruz debating.”
Fox News on Wednesday cancelled next week’s GOP presidential debate in Salt Lake City after Trump and rival John Kasich backed out.
Cruz attacked Trump for canceling during a Wednesday night interview with Kelly.
“His excuse is silliness and it reflects the assumption that he thinks voters can’t figure out that he’s not telling them the truth,” he said.
Trump is addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's conference on Monday instead of debating.
He has repeatedly argued such contests are unnecessary as he tightens his grip on the Republican presidential nomination.