Kasich: 'I am sickened’ by Brussels attacks
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Republican presidential candidate John Kasich on Tuesday voiced disgust with the series of terrorist bombings that struck Brussels, Belgium, earlier that morning.

“I want to express my solidarity with the people of Belgium in the aftermath of the attacks that took place in Brussels,” Kasich said in a statement.


“I am sickened by the pictures of the carnage, by the injuries and the loss of life. The wave of terror that has been unleashed in Europe and elsewhere around the world are attacks against our very way of life and the very democratic values upon which our political systems have been built.”

Kasich urged the international community to coordinate its resources and eliminate extremist organizations once and for all.

“We and our allies must rededicate ourselves to these values of freedom and human rights. We must utterly reject the use of deadly acts of terror. We must redouble our efforts with our allies to identify, root out and destroy the perpetrators of such acts of evil," he said.

“We must strengthen our alliances as our way of life and the international system that has been built on our common values since the end of the Second World War comes under challenge from these and other actors of evil.”

At least 34 people died and more than one hundred others were wounded after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels. Two blasts rocked Zaventem airport, while another struck a metro station near European Union buildings in the Belgian capital.

The bloodshed follows Friday’s capture of a suspect in last year’s terror attacks in Paris. Salah Abdeslam, 26, was apprehended after a shootout with authorities in the Molenbeek area of Brussels.