Television personality Keith Olbermann is calling Donald TrumpDonald TrumpMedia giants side with Bannon on request to release Jan. 6 documents Cheney warns of consequences for Trump in dealings with Jan. 6 committee Jan. 6 panel recommends contempt charges for Trump DOJ official MORE the "most dangerous" presidential contender since the Civil War.

“It’s nothing serious — it’s just he’s the most dangerous presidential candidate since the middle of the Civil War who wanted to give up in 1864,” he said of the GOP presidential front-runner on ABC’s “The View."


“What would happen if ISIS got nukes?” he asked, referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. "What would happen if Donald Trump got nukes? Which is the more realistic concern for us at the moment?

“The second one is a distinct, visible possibility and the first one is theoretical but very unlikely because they’re very difficult to move. [Trump] gets them the first day in office. That’s my problem with the whole thing.”

Olbermann, though, predicted that Trump won't become president.

“I don’t think he has a reasonable chance of getting elected,” he said.

“At this point, I don’t think he’s even going to get the nomination because I think everybody who’s in the Republican Party who runs it goes, ‘if he wins, we lose all of our jobs," he added.

“'If he loses, we lose all our jobs. He’s not going to win, so let’s make sure he doesn’t lose.' Everybody in the Republican Party establishment has a self-interest in keeping him away. He could bring down congressional results.”

Olbermann, a former ESPN and MSNBC anchor, also blasted Trump's supporters.

“To be fair, who are the people who are supporting him anyways?” he asked. "They’re mostly people who can’t really be trusted to find their own homes once they leave them."

Olbermann also said the fallout from the campaign would hurt Trump in the long run.

“What happens to [Trump] if he doesn’t get elected? Nobody’s going to do business with him. You couldn’t bring this guy into a business meeting. He’s going to run for president of one of the unoccupied Arctic islands."