Poll: More than 9 in 10 Trump voters feel ‘under attack’
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Republican presidential front-runner Donald TrumpDonald TrumpMajority of Americans in new poll say it would be bad for the country if Trump ran in 2024 ,800 bottle of whiskey given to Pompeo by Japan is missing Liz Cheney says her father is 'deeply troubled' about the state of the Republican Party MORE’s supporters overwhelmingly feel that their way of life is under attack, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

Ninety-one percent of Trump backers think their “beliefs and values are under attack.”


In addition, 85 percent of the outspoken billionaire’s fans “agree” with the statement, “America has lost its identity.”

And 78 percent “strongly agree” that they’re “falling further and further behind economically.”

“Trump supporters are true standouts,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Dr. Douglas Schwartz. "They want a leader who is very different from the leader sought by other voters, explaining the mystery many see behind Trump’s support.”

The poll found 84 percent of Trump backers want “a leader who is willing to say or do anything to solve America’s problems.”

And 90 percent said “public officials don’t care what people like me think.”

The poll also found that Trump supporters are skeptical of the relationship between government and minority groups.

Eighty percent of Trump backers say “the government has gone too far in assisting minority groups,” pollsters found.

Quinnipiac University conducted its latest survey of 267 voters supporting Trump via cell and landline telephone interviews March 16–21. It has a margin of error of 6 percentage points.