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Registration-burning GOP voter: ‘I was disenfranchised’


A GOP voter who torched his party registration over Donald Trump’s delegate shutout in Colorado says the Republican presidential primary system is rigged against the billionaire.

“I was disenfranchised, and so were the people I was supposed to represent,” Larry Lindsey said on the Fox Business Network on Tuesday. “I want to help fix the system, because it is broken. My vote goes wherever Trump goes. I don’t care where he goes, my vote goes there.”

{mosads}Trump on Monday shared a video of Lindsey burning his Republican registration form in disgust over Colorado’s presidential convention this past Saturday.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) swept all 13 of Colorado’s at-large delegates, building on the 21 he captured in the congressional district conventions last week.

Lindsey on Tuesday said that his state’s voting contest rules no longer represent the will of voters like himself.

“The GOP caucus as it is currently in place in the state of Colorado is archaic, confusing and too easily manipulated so that the GOP can get the outcome instead of the outcome desired by voters,” he told host Charles Payne.

“There was actually no vote at all at the caucus,” Lindsey added. “This was given to Cruz without even a vote from the delegates. The delegates were put in place, and there were no Trump delegates at all.”

Lindsey added that he was prevented from serving as a delegate for Trump by confusing subterfuge that kept him from a Douglas County assembly meeting.

“The fact is that I did miss a meeting,” he said. “I just found out about it yesterday — it was due to misinformation, whether intentional or a malicious lie, that kept me from being at the meeting.”

Trump this week ripped the Republican presidential primary’s rules as “rigged, disgusting [and] dirty.”

He currently leads Cruz with 743 delegates to the Texas lawmaker’s 545. At least 1,237 delegates are needed to secure the GOP presidential nomination and avoid a contested convention in July.

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