Report: Marla Maples wants Secret Service detail
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Donald TrumpDonald TrumpMan sentenced to nearly four years for running scam Trump, Biden PACs Meadows says Trump's blood oxygen level was dangerously low when he had COVID-19 Trump endorses David Perdue in Georgia's governor race MORE’s former wife and their daughter are hoping for Secret Service protection, a new report says.

Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump are looking for agency safeguarding after relative Eric Trump received a threatening letter last month, according to People.


“[My father has] a lot of Secret Service,” said Tiffany Trump, 22. "He needs it. You can be scared, but I have faith in the security.

“I think it puts things in perspective, but you have to rely on the amazing security we do have in this country and the police and Homeland Security and the FBI. Everyone really wants to protect those who are running for office and the families.”

Reports emerged last month that Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s 32-year-old son, had received a message containing a suspicious white powder.

A preliminary field test of the substance indicated it did not appear hazardous and no injuries were reported. The menacing letter said that Donald Trump must end his GOP presidential campaign or his children would suffer.

Maples, 52, on Wednesday said her family’s safety concerns are part of Donald Trump actively pursuing the White House.

“I always knew that this would be happening,” she said of her former spouse’s Oval Office bid.

It was something we talked about when we were first together, him running for president and what that would mean for our family. There’s just so much transition in life [and] yes, this is another one.”

Tiffany Trump added that she avoids picturing what her father becoming America’s next president looks like.

“I think you can’t really prepare for something that amazing happening,” she said of the GOP presidential front-runner. "At this point, I think life changes and I think every day you wake up and you do the best that you can do that day."