GOP presidential candidate John Kasich said he thinks that people are “probably” born gay when he was pressed during a tense exchange with an audience member at a San Francisco forum.


A San Francisco resident, Kelly Bryan, asked the Ohio governor to respond to his question about LGBT rights “without prayer being an answer,” CNN reported

Kasich said he doesn’t believe in discrimination and said there is a “balance” between anti-discrimination and religious liberty.

Bryan pressed Kasich on the issue of whether people are born gay.

“I'm not going to get into all the analysis of this or that," Kasich said. "You know sir, probably. I mean I don't know how it all works. OK? I mean, look, I mean probability they are, OK?”

Kasich said he believes in traditional marriage but mentioned that he recently attended a gay wedding. 

“I’m not out to discriminate against you. I think you ought have as good a life as anybody else, how can I be more clear than that?” Kasich said, telling the moderator to let him finish as she tried to move to the next question. “I'm not in favor of that. I’m not in favor of discrimination against anybody.”