The reporter who spoke with Donald TrumpDonald TrumpSenate rejects attempt to block Biden's Saudi arms sale Crenshaw slams House Freedom Caucus members as 'grifters,' 'performance artists' Senate confirms Biden's nominee to lead Customs and Border Protection MORE spokesman “John Miller” in the 1990s is suggesting Trump leaked the controversial audio tapes that may show him masqueraded as his own spokesman.
Reporter Sue Carswell told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Friday night that she did not leak the tapes, and that nobody but her and Trump would have had access to them.
The Washington Post reported Friday morning that the tapes reveal Trump posed as his own spokesmen, named “John Miller” and “John Barron,” when speaking to tabloid reporters on the phone in the early 1990s.
Carswell said she did not provide the tape to the Post.
“The main thing here is that I didn't leak the tape, and there are two people on the conversation,” she told Kelly.
Carswell added that she had only one copy of the tape and it could not have been stolen.
"Who else would have had a copy of the tape?" Kelly asked.
"Donald Trump," Carswell said, prompting a long pause as Kelly pantomimed her head exploding and disembodied laughter came from the Fox News studio.
"You are suggesting Trump leaked this to The Washington Post?" Kelly followed up.
"Yes,” Carswell replied. Asked why, she continued: ”You got me. He’s done stranger things."
"Because he loves publicity?" Kelly asked. “You are suggesting that he may want us talking about this right now because it generates a new cycle, perhaps?" 
"Hello, Donald," Carswell joked in response.
Trump on Friday denied the Post report that he posed as his own spokesman.
Later Friday, he reportedly hung up on Post reporters when they asked him about the controversy.